Real Smile or Fake Smile Quiz

Welcome to the Real Smile or Fake Smile Quiz.  There are ten different pictures with genuine and false smiles.  Can you spot which are real and fake? Please click on the Next button to continue.

One thought on “Real Smile or Fake Smile Quiz

  • November 10, 2020 at 12:47 pm

    Interesting tests, and probably useful to get a general idea of whether someone might have some perceptual difficulties. But on many of the smile examples, you can’t really judge a smile as being fake or real. Even when a person is asked to deliberately smile, you could consider they really are if they’re in a good mood. And the emotion tests are okay, but again there are some where it can come down to a subjective opinion to a person with “normal” emotional perception. For instance the picture of the girl who appears to be hiding behind some fabric making a scared face, really isn’t scared. It’s obvious she was told to do a scared face, and the fabric was put into the scene to artificially convey the idea she’s so scared she’s hiding. And the guy with his mouth wide open who’s supposed to be angry just looks like a squirrel with antlers just violently dug it’s way up his anus. =)


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