Autism and Aspergers Diagnostic Test – Am I Autistic?

Welcome to your Autism and Aspergers Diagnostic Test - Am I Autistic?

I find it difficult to make eye contact when talking to people
I enjoy being in busy or crowded environments
I am sensitive to bright lights
I enjoy going to parties
I prefer time alone, more than time with others
I find it hard to start, or keep a conversation going, with people outside of family
I get anxious when going to events like weddings or parties
I stim quite often. This includes rocking, flapping hands or repeating phrases and words
I like to do things spontaneously, and don't like routine
I can spend hours doing the same thing without getting bored
I am sensitive to loud noises such as a teacher shouting
I enjoy meeting new people
I am very good at reading facial expressions and body language
People often say I am being rude when I feel I am not
I dislike numbers, patterns and dates
I prefer fictional film and books rather than factual
I find change difficult to deal with, especially when it is unexpected
I like to collect information about things such as birds, cars and trains
I like to plan things out in detail before doing something
I notice sounds in the distance when other people do not

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