Autism and Aspergers Diagnostic Test – Am I Autistic?

This autism and Aspergers test has 20 questions. The aim of this test is to see the likelihood of you being autistic (Aspergers). Although it shares many similarities with standard screening tests, including the choice of questions, it is on the short side. A typical screen tests at a doctors would ask many more questions. It is the perfect starting point to see if you have autistic/aspie traits.

Please click the link below to start the test:

Autism and Aspergers Diagnostic Test – Am I Autistic?

Additional Information

Most of the questions are loosely based to the scientific research paper by Baren-Cohen (2001). As is the scoring method and results interpretation.


Simon Baron-Cohen et al (2001) – The Autism-Spectrum Quotient (AQ): Evidence from Asperger Syndrome/High-Functioning Autism, Males and Females, Scientists and Mathematicians –

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