Moths In Summer

It is a mystery to me just how many moths are out there at night but there must be millions if not billions. I can guarantee that if I open my window over night there will be at least 10 moths inside my house the next morning.

Out of all the insects (or small creatures) these are the worst for me. Worse than bees, wasps, ants or even spiders. It has got to be with my touch sensitivity due to my high functioning autism that this causes me such a problem. I really hate moths in my house. If one lands on me I flap around like a crazy man. If one flies towards me I dive out the way like I’m being attacked by an eagle. They absolutely cause me to panic. My wife loves watching it all and laughs, which can be a bit of fun at time. But due to moths I cannot open my window on a hot evening, I have to kill them if they are in my house and I wish there was some way of keeping them out.

Things that I find that help is that if you cannot catch or kill a moth to turn all the lights out in the room that you are in and then turn the landing light on. As moths are attracted to light they nearly always go into the room with the light on. Then close the door. Doing the usual thing of trapping them in a large container and then sliding some card underneath, then throwing it all out of the window (sometimes they fly straight back in but after practise you can prevent this) or just crushing them. I absolutely hate killing anything, even moths, but when they cause me so much stress and discomfort I have to do it. As I don’t like killing them I try my best to keep them out in the first place.

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