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Do you think it is ever possible for an autistic or aspie to ever be that good at social interaction and communication that they could become immediately charismatic and liked by most people? A bit like a socially gifted nero-typical #autism #actuallyautistic #aspergers

Do you think that part time teaching is a suitable career option for someone with #aspergers / #autism if they have got the relevant qualifications? Or would it be too difficult due to overwork or sensory overload etc?

Anyone #ActuallyAutistic got tips on how to keep the right level of eye contact when talking to someone face to face? E.g stare at nose, look at a person a few seconds then glance to the side, avoid eye contact and so on. Thanks 🙂 #Autism #asperger

How many of us #ActuallyAutistic have a job in an educational setting like a school, college, uni etc #autism #Aspergers

By being an autistic(Aspergers) person do you think you take on a job role with less pressure/responsibilities/money/hours to protect yourself from things like sensory overload, depression and over anxiety? But at the same time feel you underestimate your true potential.

I am pretty sure that ‘not sitting properly’ is a super autism thing.
Legs crossed, sitting on feet, legs up, sitting on legs, hugging legs- basically anything to avoid two feet on the ground.
I actually feel almost physically uncomfortable with both feet on the ground.

In a conversation you always get quiet periods in the middle when nobody speaks. I’m a naturally quiet autistic so find it hard to keep the conversation going. In the past I stayed quiet. Now I gently push myself to restart the conversation. It’s hard but incredibly rewarding.

If you’re autistic/aspie how often do you need wind down time in a place of comfort and free from sensory overload (e.g. your bedroom) to recover from your everyday stressful and normal life? #aspie #ActuallyAutistic #autistic

Just been cycling in the sun at the side of the canal. Cycled past a beer garden where people were sitting, drinking and chatting. This is something I would really struggle to do. I would be bored out my mind after 10 minutes. #autism #ActuallyAutistic #aspergers

Interested in gaining some opinions on how the environment influences our car buying decisions. What type of car do you think you’ll buy next?

This is amazing. Bien joué France. I hope that we can see something like this here is England one day. #disabilityisdiversity

It all made sense when we found out we were autistic - women diagnosed in adulthood open up about their experiences -

If you are autistic/asperger's, what hours do you work? I know not many of us autistic people work full time but I was wondering how many of us manage this feat.

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