This website is intended to give guidance about how to succeed in life with high functioning autism.  It is mainly intended to help people life myself who are on the higher end of the autistic spectrum and the friends and family of autistic people.  Most of this advice comes from my own personal experience and research I have conducted on the topic.  Many things are covered such as dealing with communication difficulties, having the right work/life balance whilst being autistic, telling your friends and family about your autism and how to increase your energy with autism.

When I started blogging I quickly realised that there are many people with autism that are blogging about there own personal experiences, which is brilliant.  Where I try to be different is to give more in depth answers to issues that are both common and not so common that affect our lives with autism.  In addition I include ways in which I and others overcome or reduce these difficulties.

I use twitter a lot to write about and discuss autism and I would love it if you take a look at my twitter page.

A bit about me

I am an adult in my mid 30’s who had a late diagnosis of high functioning autism (Asperger’s Syndrome) in early 2015. I always knew I was different and had many social difficulties in life but did not know why.

I have achieved many successes in life such as:

  • Happily married with two children
  • Academic success with two degrees (one first class hons in computer studies the other a master’s degree in computer security) and a PGCE in teaching.
  • Independent living and looking after two children (whilst my wife works part time)
  • Working part time myself as a Learning Support Assistant in college

But some areas where I feel I could improve:

  • Having a job more related to my degree and masters degree instead of part time and in education.
  • Being more social and perhaps having one or two friends outside of work and family
  • Going to a few more social events.
  • Still need to keep improving my communication skills

I feel that autism is a mainly positive thing, although it causes and has certainly caused many difficulties in my life. I am trying to remain as positive as possible on this website as there is too much out there that focusses on the doom and gloom of it all.  It would be brill if you could check out my blog which I try to update as frequently as possible 🙂

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